Past Shows


UNSW Med Revue has been in production since 1975, making our 2019 show the 45rd! Check out all the parody themes and past directors/producers below!

Production Year Show Name Directors Producers
2019 The Golden Probe Awards Ashlegh Coles
Shamis El-Daoud
Kevin Mortimer
Yiwei Shao
Jessica Yang
2018 The Incredipills Cia Caliwag
Jarrah Purcell-Smith
Chenny Chen
Stella Ding
Shelley Wang
2017 Booty and the Beast Linda Cui
Adrian Sit
Samuel Tieu
Cathy Huynh
Martin Tran
Sarah Wu
2016 Doctor Flu Olivia Halliday
Jessica Lyon
Catherine Yin
Alvin Chan
Ankali Selvaratnam
Jiehao Wang
Yooree Woo
2015 Super Cardio Bros Alissa Osada-Phornsiri
Matthew Yuen
Melissa Tran
Amna Al-Wahab
Olivia Halliday
Baozhing Teng
Mike Wu
2014 Peter Pandemic Sam Campbell
Tony San
Viktor Sokolovski
John Luu
Jason Oh
Natalie Tang
Rachel Yeo
2013 Cirque du Surgery Scott Ashby
Amy Brandon
Monish Maharaj
Eleni van Gelder
Tracey Ho
Brendan Lim
Michelle Tang
2012 PokeMed: Gotta Cure Em All! Ben Chau
Robert Karlen
Ariadne Keldoulis
Jerold Chan
Janice Tan
Adele The
Victor Wong
2011 Surgery Street Justin Chau
Priyanca Menon
Ahsas Ranjan
Swahnnya de Almeida
Max Keldoulis
Jonathan Li
Charmaine Pan
2011 Deja Revue
(Best of Med and Law Revue 2008-2010)
2010 Procrastinator: Infection Kirit Chaudhary
Sarina Huang
Vincent Law
Nilusha Shivraj
Dale Sun
Zoe Page
2009 Pirates of Cardiology: Dead Man’s Chest Jack Han
Robyn Hutchinson
Hein P
Melissa Lau
Charles Ma
Tran Nguyen
Owen Tsao
2008 Happy Foetus Laura Dawson
Tessa Kennedy
Glenn Leong
Matthew Nguyen
Paul Sabau
Sarina Huang
Kai Loon Tan
2007 Kill Bulk Bill Bambul Shakibaei
Penny Spirou
Laura Whitehouse
Georgie Cooke
Beverley Hiew
Stephany Hiew
2006 Thrush Hour Rob Lawther
Bridget Poon
Rajeev Verma
Leigh Dunlop
Alec Rickard
Rachel Smith
2006 Law and Orderlies
(Best of Med and Law Revue 2000-2005)
2005 Mary’s Poppin’ Richard Dixon
Morgan Mitchell
Kahli Sanders
Michelle Durkan
Caitlin Hurley
Blake Sandery
2004 The Cat with the Fat Steven Bilkey
Chris Jolly
Blake Sandery
Ken Liu
Morgan Mitchell
Bridget Poon
2003 8 Inch Emma McKenna
Anand Raja
Tom Robinson
Laura Coleman
Sarah Magnell
2002 Episode Poo: The Attack of the Colons Anand Rajan
Jinny Skerman
Gabby Paterson
Jason Appleby
CY Chim
Michael Richardson
2001 Medicator BJ Glover
Gabby Paterson
Jinny Skerman
Brian Francisco
Sage Scroope
2001 Comedy of the Chemical Generation
(Best of Med Revue 1996-2000)
Steve Davey
Michael Wong
Mic Mehmet
Michael Wong
2000 American Booty Jason Appleby
Keith Lim
Renee Lim
Adam Hochroth
Kelly McManus
Alice Rooney
1999 PMT: Pre-Millenium Tension Lainie Arnold
Renee Lim
Richard Pang
Kevin Lurie
1998 South Cark Lisa Porter
Michael Wong
Lanie Arnold
Amanda Graupner
Joe Heiss
1997 12 Junkies Seamus Byrne
Steve Davey
Matthew Ding
David Eyers
Richard Pang
Lisa Porter
Jeff Selby
1996 Glitter: The Medical Mystery Tour Jeff Selby
Matt Ewart
Mic Mehmet
Stewart Condon
Alexi Warn
Michael Wong
Terry Lurie
1995 Heart Rate High: The Bex Years of our Lives
(Best of Med Revue 1990-1995)
Danny Kingsley
Andy Ford (Musical Director)
Aiveen Bannan
Matt Kinchington
1994 All the President’s Phlegm Lindy Elder
Tim Levy
Richard Brus (Musical Director)
Nidia Danza
Julian Klentenberg
1993 Missing in Traction Darren Cathcart
Danny Kingsley
Andy Ford (Musical Director)
Nidia Danza
Simon Harper
1992 Herniator 2 (First Revue staged in Science Theatre) Tim Downs
Danny Kingsley
Peter Thomas
Andy Ford (Musical Director)
Aileen Banaan
Matt Kinchinton
1991 Presumed Impotent Danny Kingsley
Glenn Michel
Steve Myers
Andy Ford (Musical Director)
Jackie Boustany
Lily Tomas
1990 Zen Cabbage Ramesh Manoucha
Craig McGrath
Andy Ford (Musical Director)
Sean Murphy
1990 A Magnificent Set of Steak Knives
(Best of Show)
Phil Virgona Gary Latham
1989 Satanic Nurses Anthony Delaney
Max Malev
Ramesh Manoucha
Nick Ford (Musical Director)
John Van Der Kallen
Elke Roeske
1988 Gastro Boy Sean Kennedy
Gary Latham
Michael Novy
Emmanuel Dovellos (Musical Director)
Anne Brady
1987 Dark Side of the ToastA Max Malev
Sean Kennedy
1986 Twilight Moan Nick Ignatenko
Simon Adamo
1985 All Crotches Great & Small Phil Birgona
Dave Rowes
1984 Doctopussy Alastair Taylor
Dave Rowe
Phil Virgona
1983 ET: The Extra Testicle Adrian Cohen
Mark Davies
Angelo Virgona
Robert Anderson
Jim Hersey
1982 Merry Maladies: What’s Up Doc? Ken Armstrong
Mark Davies
Stuart Stapleton
Richard Webster
1981 A Wet Summer Night’s Dream Les Grujicic
Michael Kohn
Paul MacDonald
Adrian Cohen
Jono Howell
Helen O’Connor
1980 My Brilliant Diahorrea    
1979 The Sound of Mucus    
1978 Gross Encounters of the Turd Kind    
1977 It’s Epidemic!    
1976 Pandemonia    
1975 Rumpleforeskin Andrew Field
Bob Wells
Greg Deacon
Andrew Field